Firstbase.io Guide - Road to Launch


Welcome to Firstbase.io!

Congratulations! We are delighted and proud to serve you and your business. We are a team of fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world, so we understand the excitement, stress, and everything in between when launching your company. Here is what you can expect from us over the coming weeks:


Stage 1: Join the Firstbase.io Community (~1 Day)

Firstbase.io ACTION: Send a Welcome Email to you to confirm the details of your business including your business name.

Stage 2: File the Certificate of Formation/Incorporation with the secretary of state (~2-6 business days)

Firstbase.io ACTION: Submit your application to Registered Agent to receive Certificate of Formation/Incorporation

Your TO-DO: Receive Certificate of Formation/Incorporation via e-mail and confirm information is accurate + provide additional information for Post-Formation/Incorporation documents

Stage 3: Prepare documentation: SS-4 Form and Operating Agreement (For LLCs) or Post-Incorporation Package (For Corporations) (~2-3 business days)

Firstbase.io ACTION: Compile all documentation for final review and send SS-4 form for signature and authorization

Your TO-DO: Receive documentation for approval via e-mail and sign SS-4 form for submission

Step 4: Submit SS4 Form to IRS and work to obtain EIN (~1-2 business days for customers with SSN/ITIN; around 20-30* business days for customers without SSN/ITIN)

Firstbase.io ACTION: File SS-4 Form to the IRS and have our dedicated EIN team call the IRS as authorized users for obtaining EIN

Your TO-DO: Receive updates from Firstbase.io on progress before obtaining EIN via email. Work on your digital presence: getapproved.firstbase.io

Step 5: Open US corporate bank account (~1-5 business days)

Firstbase.io ACTION: Send information to your chosen banking partner for approval of your US-based bank account.

Your TO-DO: Receive link via email to finalize bank account creation

Thank you❤️

You have access to our rewards and perks in the Firstbase.io Network that includes free consultations and $100k in discounts and perks, so take advantage right away. Also, please complete our customer survey here because we value your feedback.

* Please, note that this estimate is wide enough since, as of right now due to the effects of the pandemic, the IRS didn't get back to their usual 4-business days' policy. The IRS office was closed due to the COVID-19 for 3 months in 2020 (March-June).

Over the latter part of 2020, we've received different estimates. Unfortunately, due to constant changes in their own internal operations at the IRS, these estimates have not been accurate enough previously.

For this reason, even when we'd love to, we can't share any accurate time frame.

The team at Firstbase.io will keep you as updated as possible during this changing time.

**(The Internal Revenue Service, US government entity in charge of assigning EINs)